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Tutorials by Sue Bell

Please See Video SEO Silo Plugin Video Tutorials. *Note: These tutorials are also available as a help file inside either version of the plugin!

Please see countless testimonials for the SEO Silo Plugin by creators of The Last Keyword Research Tool.

Tutorials by Russell Wright

Part 1: Wordpress Plugin Instantly Create a Video SEO Silo

'IMPORTANT! 'Before You Build Silos or Import Silos! You must change your blog permalink settings to /%category%/%postname%/

IMPORTANT UPDATE! We have FIXED the category bug in this version . . . so what I said in the video about needing to adjust or remove the category when you change the name of the page or post is FIXED. It fixes itself now. (Yay!) Thank you. 

Part 2: Instantly Import "Automagic" Silo Blueprints from Krakken

Part 3: Instantly Import Customized Silo Blueprints from NE Lite or Domain Web Studio

Notes and Updates: 

1. Please note that there is required training to accomplish the methods revealed in the above video. Training is available at Network Empire Basic Training Area

Commonly Asked Question on Warriors Forum and Webinars

First! The Most Common WP Silo Builder Plugin Questions Answered Here:

Before You Begin: Summary of Video Silo Plugin

- This plugin is an importer and silo structure builder.
- We continually improving the plugin and even though it saves you 100's of labor hours it needs to made clear that the plugin is not a magic wand that will create, format, optimise and set up all functions of your site when used. You are required to optimize the site!
- It does not influence styles. If the navigation is looking different you need to look at the style sheets of the blog. The plugin has no style formatting applied to it.
- It only creates the pages, categories and supporting articles and imports exactly what you have added into DWS NE Silo Builder.
- If you have copy and pasted from word or a webpage directly into the WYSIWYG editor in DWS and not through the word copy paste function icon; the content will inherit the formatting from the source and it will reflect the same in the blog. We do not support fixing this and if we troubleshoot this issue and it turns out that there has been user error, we reserve the right to charge for the first hour at $100.
- The plugin is limited in its capability so the majority of the themes work with it.
- If you come across a bug let us know and we will address the issue as well as assist you with the fix as soon as possible
- We have put these policies in place to more effectively manage our time and to eliminate requests that have been addressed already. Freeing up our time means we can build better tools and deliver more ways to increase your business.
- Thank you for your understanding and working with us to lighten the help desk carbon footprint!!

Do You Have Any Sample or Demo Websites Completed Using the V Silo SEO Plug-In?

We do not reveal live client websites to the general public inside of our help files, but here is one demo site that you can look at:


Both of these have the Vsilo Plugin installed, but the video thumb images removed from the menu.

Please note, that the above website also incorporates Kevin Polley's semantic web theme. This makes it a far superior web architecture than any other silo-based strategy on the Internet. To find out more about our semantic Web themes and courses please visit the following links:

Semantic Web Training

Semantic Web Themes

Semantic Theme Sales Site

Semantic Web Training Sales Site

We will list more soon!

Purchase and Installation Questions:

Where can I Buy the Video SEO Silo Builder?

Where can I Get the Video SEO Silo Builder?

Answer: Visit Video Silo Wordpress Plugin for more details. 

What is The Difference Between the Video Silo Plugin (Paid) and the FREE SEO Silo Plugin?

What is The Difference Between the Video Silo Plugin (Paid) and the FREE SEO Silo Plugin?

Answer: The FREE plugin does not allow you to automatically populate your Silo Landing Pages, Articles and Categories with videos from youtube that include (optional) comments and (optional) descriptions tags. You may download the FREE SEO Silo Plugin at Silo Blog Builder dot com

Does My Single Plugin Purchase Cover Mutli-Blog Installs? 

Question: I presume this plugin is good for multi site installs? 

Answer: Yes. Unlimited blog installs with one purchase! Don't you love us? 

Is There Lifetime Updates For This Plugin When I Purchase?

Question: Do I get lifetime updates?

Answer: Yes! Welcome to the Network Empire Family. Please be sure to stay on the emailing list for this because that is how we currently notify you of any updates to the premium version!

How Do I Update the Silo Plugin (Both Free and Premium)?

As of version 1.6 there is no auto-update feature for the Silo Plugin, but updating the plugin is very easy. Simply delete the current version of the plugin and upload the new version of the plugin that you would like to activate. Your previous settings will remain in the wordpress database, so you do not need to worry about losing any of your data. Everything will remain exactly as it was before you deleting the previous Silo plugn version!

Additional intructions:

In summary, when you install the free SiloBuilder Plugin it does keep all of your data in the database when you upgrade.

Again, too upgrade the process to folow is:
1) deactivate the free version, 2) install the VideoSilo version,  3) delete the free version and then activate the VideoSilo version. Really simple, no data lost!

Do I Un-Install the Free SEO Silo Plugin If Upgrading to the Video SEO Silo Plugin Premium Version?

Update: In the upcoming Version 2.0 (and above) of the SEO Silo plugins, you will be prompted to turn off previous versions of the plugin in order to install the new one.

Question: Do I Un-Install the Free SEO Silo Plugin If Upgrading to the Video SEO Silo Plugin Premium Version?

Answer: Many people choose to uninstall the previous (Free SEO Silo Plugin) because it saves space on the left wordpress sidebar when upgrading to the video version. But there will be no conflict with them both installed. Additionally, they actually "talk" to each other and "know" which silos have been added by either plugin. Personally, I see no real advantage to having both installed. I use the Video Silo Plugin because if I decide that I do not want to import videos, I simply turn this feature off. Once I do this, the Video Plugin is the same as the free version. 

I purchased the Video Silo Plugin - Where Can I Find All The Training Material?

Answer: Free Training

Free training is provided directly inside the wordpress environment on the VSilo Plugin Tab:


More Free Training is located here: (Which leads you back to this wiki entry as well).

Answer: Paid Membership Training:

The paid Network Empire Membership training is not necessarily plugin focused but is extremely comprehensive when it comes to Website Silo Architecture and online marketing in general. There are several membership levels that come with various software bundles that are used by SEO and online marketing shops all around the world. The recommended monthly package for an average member is the Pro Monthly Membership. For a person on extreme budget, we have created the Network Empire Basic package that comes with very little software, but does give you access to excellent training.

Additional Training Resources

The help desk is also located here:

You may also join our free skype group by requesting an add at the following skype handle: "themezoom"

Commonly Asked Technical Questions:

Can I set the Home Page to be a Static Page, or am I Limited?

Can I set the Home Page to be a Static Page, or am I limited to having the Home page be the 'blog'; ie Dynamic Posts page?

Answer: In the current version you MUST set the homepage to be a static page in order to have (technically correct) Silo Plugins on the Home Page side bar - but ONLY USING THE MANUAL SILO MAKER. The Imports from Krakken and DWS Lite will create their OWN Home Page during the import function. In either of these instances, if you want to run a blog roll on the home page you will have to use a widget or some other kind of footwork. Silo structure is rather complicated, and select a PAGE to be home.

Does Vsilo Plugin Automatically Create A Technically Correct SEO Silo Structure or Do I Have to Do Something Else In Order To Make the Silo Structure Perfect?

We get this question a LOT because people just can't believe that we have automated this process. Yes! The Free SEO Silo Plugin and the premium VSilo Plugin automatically give you a technically correct website silo architecture as determined by one of the original seo silo experts in the industry. There are more advanced methods and exceptions that very occasionally come into play. You need to be a full Network Empire member in order to access them here.

What Permalink Structure Should I Use With This Plugin? 

UPDATE! The VSilo Plugin and the free SEO Silo Plugin now Automatically change your permalink structure to the below appropriate type

When using this plugin, do you suggest initial WP Permalink set up using /%category%/%postname%/ or /%postname%/

Answer: You MUST have your permalink structures set to /%category%/%postname%/

That is the only way to get a proper silo structure in the wordpress environment.

In order to do this, in the admin area of your blog, under settings -> permalink

choose the Custom Structure

and type this into the box: /%category%/%postname%/


I Have Heard The Drop Down Menus Bleed My Theme. Please Explain This.

The drop downs render the plugin pretty much useless. Here's why:

What a silo structure is doing is linking related pages together - and linking only the related pages together. What this says to google is that all of these related pages are related to each other.

The only pages that are linked to on every screen are the "silo landing page" - or the pages at the top of each silo - that's for 3 reasons

1) visitor usability - it's best if the visitor knows what topics your site covers
2) all of these pages express what you site is about so linking to them from every page tells google thse are the main themes of your site
3) it passes the most amount of pagerank to these pages to they rank the best (these should be your most important and competitive terms)

A drop down menu, by contrast links to all of the pages from every page and obfuscates the distinction of each silo - so this means you might rank for the broad term that your site is about, but ranking for the individual concepts in each silo just became much harder.

Now you need inbound links from other sites to do what the link on your site COULD have done for you.

That's why we say that with a silo structure you can link for your keywords with up to 90% fewer inbound link.

Does it mean you can't use a drop down? No. Of course you can. But your ranking job just got a lot harder.

Can you use a drop down menu only on the original bits of your site that you didn't silo in the first place? Sure - but will that confuse the heck out of the visitor?

If Dropdown Menus Bleed My Theme or Pagerank, How Can I Properly Set Up My Blog with the Video Silo Plugin From The Beginning?

Answer: We have gotten a large number of questions about wordpress silo structures and drop down menus - as well as top bar menus. Folks, you do NOT want drop down menus in wordpress. They WILL bleed your theme. There is no gentle way to say this to save anyones feelings or avoid painful discoveries later on. We have LARGE SCALE tests on this being a problem, not only in Wordpress but also in Joomla and Magento Commerce. So don't use drop down menus, especially Java. Here is a video where Kevin clearly lays down the law on how to set up your Wordpress Blog (from the beginning) with non-drop menus. She also shows you what to do if you ALREADY started using drop down menus. In the future, set up your blog WITHOUT drop down menus:

Does Vsilo or Free Silo Create A Drop Down Menu On The Blog?

No. Please See The Above Question. Please see the following video in order to understand why you are seeing drop-down menus in your theme and how to fix them quickly:

How Can I Change the Top Level Silo Link to the Index Page to Something Like "Home"

This is an update we will add to Silo Plugin version 1.6 but not something you can directly edit now. This is because it is an important part of your SEO considerations. There are a couple of hacks and workarounds that we like to use in the video below. Please feel free to use one or both of these methods and customize them for your own purpose:

How Can I Add A Youtube Channel From Which to Pull Videos?

Just add the youtube profile name into the youtube channel field in the plugin. For example, Theme Zoom has a youtube chanel located at In this case I would enter "themezoom" (without quotes) into the plugin field. Caution: The Video Silo plugin will ONLY pull videos from that channel "when and IF" the channel selected has a video with your chosen keyword for a given WP page that matches it. So, if you attempt to import a page and video for the keyword "dog training" - a video will only appear if there is a corresponding video with that keyword in the title or descrption on your selected video channel. So, the ThemeZoom youtube channel does not contain any "dog training" videos and no video will be added to that created page. So, use this feature with those limites in mind.

How Can I Build an Adwords Site Using the Vsilo Plugin?

There is a "shortcodes" area that allows you to insert banners and/or any other embeddable call to action and or adsense code. This will allow you to change the banner sitewide, even if you have hundreds of videos/pages published on the site. So you can change the adsense code in the shortcode area whenever you desire. In other words, you can put adsense code on every part of the site and change it sitewide later on. Here is a help video that covers this feature:

How Do I Change the Sidbar Widget Text Color, Height and Size?

On the V-Silo Builder sidebar area of Wordpress, click the "Silo Styles" link. In this area you may change the sidebar link size, height, and color.


How Do I Remove (or Add) the Video Thumbs Images on the Silo Sidebar Widget?

Go to the widget area in Wordpress and go to the DWS Silo Widget. Deselect the "show thumbnails" box:


Does the VSilo Plugin Automatically Match Wordpress Categories to Page Names? 

Does the VSilo plugin modify "Category" so that instead of categorizing Dynamic Posts it categorizes Static Parent Pages?

Answer: Yes! Excellent question. When you add a Silo using our Vsiloplugin, it is the category function in the wordpress coding environment that we have used to allow the (technically correct) Seo "silo" structure using PAGES. We only use your POSTS functions at the "sub-article" level. (This is level 4 inside your plugin user interface.) Pages will give you the biggest bang for you buck at the top levels and yours site is really a "Website" Silo Structure at that point. Other plugins think they can silo with posts alone. They cannot and call it a (technically correct) Website Silo Architecture

Can I Custom Select Youtube Videos That I Want To Import In Bulk? 

Question: I do NOT want to import any old YouTube video that contains the relevant keyword. I want to be able to vet the video first; ideally to be provided with the top 5 YouTube videos for a relevant keyword and then choose choose one. Is that doable?

Answer: Thanks for the Question,

Your short answer is no. You must manually choose videos like any wordpress blog if you have custom choices. But. You CAN choose custom channels.

Here are a couple of options:

You must add a video by hand if you want specific videos. Your best option is to go back and REMOVE the video that you want to custom.

Your second option is to DESELECT the import video function:

Deselect Video Function

If all you need to do is add your own videos, just use our free version of this plugin located at the Silo Blog Builder Website

If you are fine with the auto-imports the Video Silo Plugin brings in on (potentially) hundreds of silo, article and category pages - but you only want a couple pages special with your own video choices, then go into the page or post and manaully change them like any wordpress blog.

This plugin can be used for both WR1 and WR2 type blogs but PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE as we speak about it inside the Network Empire Cult:

One Web Ring To Rule Them All Flash Animation

Remember, this wordpress plugin was designed also to work beyond the manual capabilites that we have provided in the "manual keyword import" settings. It works with our (Enterprise) level Silo Builder at Network Empire, as well as the famous "Krakken" Automagic Silo Blueprint Builder.

VSilo Related Products, Research Software and Training Courses:

I Bought the VSilo Plugin But What Other Silo Software and Keyword Research Services Should I Buy Now That You Have Me Interested?

We understand that it can sometimes be confusing to choose which next steps to take to "the next level" when building a Network Empire. Here is a conversation with a brand new Vsilo Plugin customer who asks a common questions about additional related NE products and services that would enhance and improve his SEO Silo Architecture website, his skillset and his research power:

Question Part 1 - What is My Next Step?:

Hi I'm a little confused about the 'Next Step' I should take now that I have purchased the Video Silo Plugin and have been made aware of your more advanced SEO, Traffic, Silo Builders and Keyword Research services.

I am new to SEO Silo structured sites and Internet Marketing in general.

I love your V-Silo plugin and wish to use this with TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool). Is it correct that I am not entitled to use any of the Network Empire keyword tools and Enterprise Level Silo Planners following a system, stage by stage- and them making the site a Blueprint finally loading it into my Wordpress Site?

Answer 1:

Yes it is true, when you purchase the Video SEO Silo Plugin, you have not purchased access to any of our other software tools. It is a stand alone product. In fact, you do not need ANY of our tools, even with the free version of the SEO Silo plugin - because you can add one silo at a time and use whatever keyword you wish by dropping it into the "manual silo" function. You will need to become a member of Network Empire at various membership prices if you wish to gain access to other software applications. We have quite a few. 

I would suggest a top-level overview of the entire arsenal and online business system is worth 40 minutes of your time. Please go here and watch the video with Russell and Sue and download the Visual Tour Overview PDF:

The Visual Tour Overview and PDF

Question Part 2: What is the Cheapest Package that Also Includes a Keyword Research Tool: 

On your site page,  you list numerous SEO, Silo Website and Traffic courses that seem to indicate they can be purchased separately but I cannot find a buying page (The $197.00 recurring) is too much too soon, although I admit a very good offer.

I did find another page were you offer NE Silo Builder Light from a nominal fee to the larger $197.00 but again the list of options exclude any Keyword Research Tools, yet contradicts itself down the options list as it talks about Keyword Values etc.

So as you see I am confused. I'm sure others may be seeing your site clearly and next step is inevitable but I fail to find the answer.

Trust this email is not common and you can help.

Many thanks, Mr. (name withheld)

Answer 2:

Thank you for your excellent questions and here is the order of progression we recommend purchasing our tools, based on your budget and need:

If you need a keywords research tool that includes our training courses as well as the DWS NE Silo Planner and Time-To-Rank Estimater you will need to buy the basic package that includes the proprietary TLKT software. There are no keyword research tools included in any of our "bundle packages" for under $97.00. On the following grid you can see that the smallest package that includes TLKT also includes many other tools:

BASIC BUNDLETLKT LSI keyword research and Other Traffic Power Tools and Courses for $97.00 

The above package also comes with a the DWS NE Silo Builder/Planner and Time-to-Rank Estimator Software (Single Site Only). It also comes with

TLKT as a Stand Alone Product: You may also purchase TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool) as a stand-alone product a two separate price point. Here is the retail price point list, but you can also use this special TLKT discount coupon code. (*It is uncertain how long the coupon code will remain here.)

What If You Cannot Afford the $97.00 Minimum Keyword Research DWS NE Silo Builder and Training Area? 

If you cannot afford the Basic "Software Included" package, you may consider the smallest package called Training Only for 49.95 per month. There is a Single Site version of DWS NE Silo Builder - but you will have to manually enter keywords into the software which is why we don't recommend this package as the long term software solution.  Read more about the training only bundle:

Training Only Network Empire Membership - 49.95 Monthly

Who is Qualified to Upgrade to the Network Empire $197.00 Per Month PRO Bundle? 

This is the package you want if you have multiple websites. In this bundle you have UNLIMITED websites in DWS NE Silo Builder. You also get full access to the Painfinder application, Google RSS Feed Maker and TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool).

Who is Qualified to Upgrade to the Network Empire Enterprise Version (With the Famous Krakken Vertical Market Research Tool)?

The Network Empire Enterprise Bundle includes all unlimited software applications in one bundle. The addition of Krakken to this bundle makes it the most powerful bundle offering in the suite of tools and training. This package is often used by one man SEO shops, agencies, super affiliates and/or professional blog network builders. One of the primary advantages of Krakken is that it will help you view your market from a vertical perspecitve. Please review the Krakken Automagic Silo Blueprint Help File. Also, it is worth your while to view the following Krakken Meet the Beast webinar:

Do You Build Local Websites? What Network Empire Tools Should You Get:

Please see the following help file called Building Local Websites. This process tutorial is not the only way to build a local website using the Network Empire suite of tools, but it will give you an idea of which tools are optimal for this purpose. 

I am an online "Newbie" and Discoverd Your Software and Wordpress Plugin Inside the OMG Live and/or NHB (No Holes Barred) and/or Project X Program. How Does "All of Your Stuff" Fit Together With Their Program, and What Should I Do Next? 

Answer: I would suggest that you fully complete the OMG Live program and/or any other programs of theirs that you have purchased and/or are considering purchasing. When you are done with their training, unless otherwise instructed by Greg Morrison, Mike Long or Dave Mills, you may want to consider our products and services. Here is a help file that summarizes how all of our products are put together, what level of expertise is recommended and how they fit into the larger "Broadcast Network Live Training" and automation systems that we provide:

In the above file you will see the complete path to understanding how our tools are put together, which ones apply to you, and how you might proceed with our material after you purchased the Vsilo Wordpress Plugin. Because you are inside the OMG community, you will probably have already purchased the Vsilo plugin at

Thanks, and best wishes for your journey!

Let us know how we can help.

If I Upgrade to the Network Empire "PRO" Package at $197.00 Per Month, How Automated Will This Make My Silo Building Process and How Many Silo Websites Can I Make?

Expanded Question:

Russell, I watched one of the available videos with sue and you talking and what was said was that I would need 3 things:
V-Silo Plugin
The Last Keyword Tool
DWS NE Silo Builder Blog Empire System

If I purchase the $197.00 Network Empire Pro Package,  How automated will this make my Silo Website Empire building process?

First of all, you can make unlimited SEO Silo Wordpress blogs/sites with the NE Pro Bundle.
The process of creating an incredibly profitable SEO Silo wordpress blog normally takes dozens of hours.

Most of that time has traditionally been spent manually sorting through hundreds of keywords and deciding where to put them in the structure of the site under construction. Further, traditional keyword research does not work very effectively when you begin with a Silo Structure Website in mind as an end result. By using TLKT (in the Pro Bundle) or better yet, using Krakken Automatic Blueprint (in the NE Premium and Enterprise Package)

The V-silo Plugin has a manual feature that allows you to ignore any of our upstream software services. This is very usefull for people on a tight budget. Eventually you are going to want to take advantage of the more advanced research services that we provide. For those who cannot afford Krakken VOMA Software (or the Premium and Enterprise Packages), The Last Keyword Tool is the next best thing on the market. You may research your market using TLKT and import the best keywords on the web into DWS NE Silo Builder. All of this is included inside your Network Empire Pro Membership Bundle.

Does Krakken or DWS Silo Builder Create Full Articles or Content for my Site? 

Question: I want to use either Krakken or your DWS NE Silo Builder service to find the best keywords to build out the silos, but I do NOT want any of their articles...just the keywords. Is that service available? How much will it cost me? 

Answer: Both Krakken and NE Silo Empire Builder are Network Empire Products, they are just very powerful, and so are mostly used by our agency members. For example, Krakken will automate an entire blueprint automagically. Walk away, go to dinner, comeback and your blueprint has been 100% created and drilled based on your VOMA drills. It is pretty nuts, which is why we do not market this system very hard. We are too busy using it. You can buy a 3 day pass and Blueprint Tokens separately. The yearly fee is $10,000 dollars (comes with a $2,000 dollar discount) and the monthly fee is $1,000 dollars to non-Network Empire members. There are greatly discounted Enterprise Software bundles for full Network Empire private members. The Krakken auto-magic blueprint only gives you the most profitable keywords and recommended article keywords . . . it does not provide written article.

Does this Plugin Function in Responsive Themes that are Viewed on Mobile Devices?

Question: Does this plugin function in responsive themes, viewed on mobile devices, particularly given the need for a sidebar to house the silo menu and the dynamic nature of the sidebar silo menu?

Answer: In short, yes. And such matters are 100% theme-dependent. This plugin does not limit CSS stylsheets and has been tested as 100% effective on the following themes:

Spreadsheet: These Wordpress Themes All Work Well With both Free and Video SEO Silo Plugin

We are adding more updates and theme tests every day.

Please be advised, if you are going to have issues, it will mostly likely be with plugins conflicts. Thus far, we do not know any.

What Wordpress Themes Are Compatible with the Video SEO Silo Plugin and the Free SEO Silo Plugin? 

Here is an ever increasing list of themes that are compatible with the Video SEO Silo Plugin

What About the Top Menus in Wordpress? Don't They Ruin the "Perfect" Silo Structure? 

Question: What About the Top Menus in Wordpress? Don't They Ruin the "Perfect" Silo Structure? There's still the issue of the top menu bar leaking to other silos. Wouldn't you have to completely remove that in order for it to be a true SILO or have it change when you move down the SILO?

Answer:  It's perfectly valid to link to any / all of the silo landing pages from any page - and this also helps visitor usability, your visitors should be able to see all of the top level themes in your site no matter what page they land on.

To remedy the drop down issue, which does indeed bleed the them, remove the non-silo pages from the menu so there is no drop down.

Or even better, before you import from our upstream services or from the free manual silo - you could create manual pages, you go to the menu area and create a new menu and set it to "add top level pages" only . . . then make this the default menu for your theme, you won't get a messy menu.  Here is the location to make this change in the menu section of Wordpress

Existing Blogs Wanting New Silo Structures

Can The Video SEO Silo Plugin be Used to Change the Layout of an Existing Site?


No. The plugin cannot be used to restructure an existing website because that would be impossible to program inside wordpress (which is why we had to design a plugin that allows this to be done starting the silo from scratch). Think of restructuring a suboptimal site structure as being as difficult as removing the bottom blocks of a Jenga game without letting the blocks collapse. It is nearly impossible. But you can use the plugin to add a NEW silo structure to an existing site within a compatible wordpress theme. We call this the Bolt On Silo Method. It MAY be possible to restructure an existing site using a series of free plugins available on the market, but this would be extremely difficult and we do not recommend it. We do have an elearning course on how to use these free plugins available here:

DIY (Do It Yourself) Wordpress SEO Silos with Free Wordpress Plugins

It MAY be possible to STILL use the Silo Plugin using a method we call "Bolt On Silos" but this is 100% dependent upon the current permalink structure of your blog. Permalink settings must be set to /%category%/%postname%/ if you plan on using the plugin at all. It is EXTREMELY technical to re-structure a website that has existed for years to another type of permalink structure . . . and ususally very expensive. *(We can do it for you but it will cost a bundle). Please see the question below for more about bolt-on silo methods. 

What is a "Bolt-On Silo" and How Does It Allow Me To Add New Silos Onto An Older Blog That Was Not Built with Silo Menus?

The "Bolt-On" silo method is a way to add a brand new silo to an existing site that may not have been originally built using the silo method. It is very tricky to accomplish this on a website that has an original wordpress default permalink setting of ANYTHING other than /%category%/%postname%/. As we covered previously, it is possible to change the entire site to be corrected, but it is extremely technical, requires database changes and/or mod-rewrites as well as potential detrimental SEO side effects during the early phases (unless proper site redirects are used).

I summary, if you have an existing site that ALREADY has the required permalink setting, you can easily install the SEO Silo or VSilo Plugin, and add a new silo menu, and this would be considered a "Bolt-On". If not, we recommend that you do not attempt this without professional help. Most professionals will advise you not to attempt this at all. This whole silo structure method adds new meaning to the old adage "Begin with the end in mind". In case you wondered why so few people build proper website silo architecture, this is probably the main reason. They did not know about it, and got the wrong type of start. Please see the webinar with Sue Bell below in order to learn more about the different "Bolt-On Silo" methods and best practices:

Can I Export My Silo Structure Created with the Plugin from One Blog (Domain) and Into Another?

Question: If I create a Silo for say Denver Travel Agents using the plugin is there a way or even should I download the site, upload it to another site for Colorado Springs Travel Agents, Philadelphia Travel Agents, Atlantic City Travel Agents and Illinois Travel Agents then edit the sites to fit the area or should I create each site from scratch?

Answer: Here is the thing. When you are a Network Empire Member, you have access to special software that helps you build a Silo Website BEFORE you import these structures into the Video SEO Silo Plugin or the Free SEO Silo Plugin

One of the software applications that allows you to both RESEARCH and BUILD extremely complex SEO Silo Structures is NE-Builder and NE-Builder Lite. When you build a Silo Blog (or mutliple blogs) in this software, you can export the entire (XML File) site structure directly into our Video SEO Silo plugin as well as the Free SEO Silo Plugin!

Another advanced software application that allows a direct import of a fully function SEO Silo Website is Theme Zoom's Krakken Silo Blueprint (Also an XML File). Further, since Krakken is more of a research tool, you can do your high level market research inside of Krakken VOMA (Vertical Online Market Analysis) and import the final (profit confirmed) keyword silos into the NE-Builder Application for backlink cost analytsis.  

How Can I Change The Size of the Video Placed on the Page?

You can change the default video size by following the instructions in the video above. Do not forget to 'save settings' after you have added the code below, or your video sizes will not change. Also be sure to add or remove the video title short code and/or the video description short code in the same location. Note: If you include the code below in the settings area, you should REMOVE the video shortcode that is already in this area when you first install the plugin. The shortode that you should delete looks like this: {embedHtml}. If you do not get rid of this, and you also put in the resize code below, two videos will appear in every post.  

Here is a working example of a code that will change the default Youtube video size of every video imported. Just copy and paste this code and adjust the size to your wishes: 

<center><object width="575" height="295"><param name="movie" value="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="575" height="295" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object></center>

More Miscellaneous Technical Questions:

How do I change the Thumbnail Picture from the Auto-Inserted Video When I Want to Embed a Different Video?

Just by adding a new video 'link' you don't automatically get a new 'thumbnail' . . . but you can add a new one.

  1. Create a new image you want to use as the thumbnail - the size should be 320 × 180
  2. Open the page you want to change the thumbnail of.
  3. Click once on the Featured Image - this opens a new window
  4. Click 'Upload Files' - and upload the image you want to use as a thumbnail
  5. Click set as featured image -
  6. Publish page
  7. Job done

Part 2 of Same Questions:

Question: Is it possible to get a thumbnail of the new video?

Here is how you accomplish this:

To get the thumb(s) for the new video first:

Get the link to your video from the embed code i.e. src="//"

The 'ldl0m-5zLz4' element is your VIDEO_ID

Here is the YouTube URL format that you will need in order to view and download a thumbnail from a YouTube video:

Using the example above, VIDEO_ID=ldl0m-5zLz4 and # (0,1,2, or 3) corresponds to one of the 4 thumbnails that YouTube automatically generates.

  1. 2, is the default thumbnail, or the one that the owner ends up choosing for their video. (generallt small - they are thumbs)
    #0, is the full size image - I'd go for the full size

Using this convention, below are the URLs that relate to the thumbnails off of YouTube for the RDFa video this relates to.

What Should I Do With The Meta Data Fields Beneath the WYSIWYG (Post) Area Created by The SEO Silo and VSilo Plugin?


When editing a page I see DWS Silo Builder has fields for title, description and keywords. I understand the description here will be used for post excerpts with the excerpt short code, but does this override "all in one seo pack plugin" information? I like to use all in one seo pack as it gives a nice overview of meta tags on the "view all pages" section of wordpress.

If I have information in both plugins, which one will be prevalent?


Actually all three of these fields are meta data - it's not the excerpts.

We are discussing the best way to handle the excerpt data.

If you prefer using SEO Pack for the meta data, that's fine - just ignore our fields.

Is the only way to change the names of the silos and subsilos to delete them and start again?
Is there any way to alter the keywords used within a silo?

Answer: The answer to both of these questions is probably best answered by asking what type of research did you perform before you used the plugin to set your Silos and categories. With good research you should be using the correct terms from the off and not need to make changes. This is best accomplished by using either Krakken Blueprint or DWS NE Silo Builder. Both of these applications provide Pre-research that will help you import the correct silos and pages the first time. If you are using the "manual" silo builder, it is understandable why you would have this question.

In general, yes - the only way to change the names of the silos is to delete them from pages and then empty the trash and also the categories.

In the below video Russell shows you how to quickly flatten a website and/or remove a page or post. The most important take away is that you must delete the "category" created using the wordpress function. The Network Empire SEO Silo Plugin uses the category function to create the properly structured SEO template.

SEO and and Network Strategy Questions Related to Video Silo and Free silo Plugins:

Conceptual Confusions and Solutions About "How and When" to Add Content To a Blog Built with the Video Silo Plugin: 

Question:  Does the Video Silo Plugin basically flesh out the site structure with videos temporarily, and then once we have other sources of content, we create content for the site placing them within the exact same silo structure (except we use persuasion architecture to make it sound palatable)?

Answer: Yes! Many people add videos to the site structure with the "instant" video silo function as a temporary action before adding primary content manually or before importing professional content from your DWS NE Silo Builder software subscription. And adding persusion architecture simply means writing excellent articles using one of the article creation methods we teach inside the Network Empire Members Area called "PAM" or Painkiller Article Method. The first thing you will probably want to change is the Headline/Title because this is often the most persuasive hook in a blog post or page. 

Question Continued:

For examples; I'm creating a local SEO consulting site.. if I create a silo structure just to get the site indexed and to help it rank and then remove the silo structure and the videos (purely because I don't want that much content) is there going to be any potential to be penalized. Would this be detrimental to the ranking of the site long term?

Answer: When you are building a WR1 (top level money site) you do not want to put a bunch of unwanted pages and ideas on the site. You should build the site properly from the ground up. You can do this manually with the free version of course, but we recommend you use NE Silo Builder to plan and execute your silo framework carefully then import it into the plugin after consideration and cost estimation.

NE Builder will tell you how many pages you need to have in your silo for optimal ranking - we try to offer a sweet spot between on-site content and inbound links. If you don't have the specified pages on your site, then you will need more inbound links to achieve the same effect. The more pages you have on-site, the more your theme is established on-site and the fewer inbound links you need.

It seems a waste to create pages on a WR1 site that you are going to remove later. Import or build pages that are congruent with your product or service and/or the purpose of the site.

The random video import is really good for fast indexing and ranking of those page but you will probably always end up using your own videos in the end. In fact, if you already have your own videos, toggle OFF the video feature and simply embed your own.

One of the things I do is to put my own videos on the top silo landing pages and allow the videos that are NOT mine to rest on the article pages until we have created one for each article. I outsource these and the process can take varying amounts of time. When my own videos are done, I start replacing the randomly imported videos on the article and deeper pages. I also change the titles to be more persuasive.

Some people just use the FREE SEO Silo Plugin and add their own videos from the beginning. Other folks really have no idea what they are going to SELL on a blog or domain when they buy it, so they toss a Video Silo Blog up as a "domain squat" so that it gets ranked and purchased or used later when they make up their mind what to do with it. 

Option 2: On WR2 sites (adsense and secondary unbranded sites) on your PBN (private blog network) you can have a lot less discipline with all of this auto-video importing feature because the sole purpose of the traffic on WR2 websites is to redirect it to money sites. If you want more information on this distinction please see this blog post or attend live Theme Zoom Certification

Question Continued: 

Do you have info about creating the copyrighted headlines? Like do we leave the URL string the same (with the optimized keywords in the URL string) and just focus on the Title and Content Headers for Copywriting purposes? Answer: This returns us to the Painkiller Article Method which is Step 6 of our stackable system. Please see the entire Phase 4 PAM Course in the Network Empire Members Area or attend our complete live or webinar coaching and training events. 

Question Continued:

For for a local site say "Electrician San Diego" having a silo with such a number of keywords would be too much content wouldn't it? Or is the point I'm missing that we just fill it up with content anyway, purely for the purposes of ranking the site? If that's the case, do you guys have an example local site? I've seen your site which is great.

Answer: The credit site is very old, and is not a blog- and does not user the silo plugin, but it gives you a correct link structure. We have a full local video tutorial coming soon and you should watch it. Yes, a huge silo site is overkill for most local purposes, but even if you have only a couple of Silo Landing pages and a couple articles, the proper silo structure is still very helpful. Try not to overthink structure on a 1 or 2 page site. For smaller sites, you can often rank with inbound link tactics and social media including Youtube. 

Question Continued:

How many words per page of content in these silo pages?

Answer: The answer is "it depends". There are no absolutes in SEO when it comes to such matters. For general ranking 500 is a good number for the silo pages, for the category level pages 400 will do and for the supporting articles, 350 is good. The more contextual links you have on the page, the longer the article should be; a minimum of 150 words per link. 

Question Continued:

Sue mentioned that "Typically, your silo keyword should be one of the really important keywords you want to rank for. It gets a lot of link juice from all of the pages on the site. So your most competitive terms go in there." - is she talking about say, for example in the Nashville SEO site, if those keywords were all across the navbar, in terms of conversion they wouldn't be that appealing and that's before using persuasion architecture? Looking at my example the navbar would pretty much be "Electrician San Diego", "San Diego Electricians" "Electricians in San Diego" etc. OR, are we talking about the URL string just having those keywords and creating "persuasion architecture" appropriate Title for the items in the NavBar? Then the question arises the content (or pages within the silo) for each of those example keywords is going to be pretty similar? So how does this benefit the overall site structure?

Answer: You cannot place long sentences and long "persuasion architecture" titles in locations that do not allow for it, like the tiny header spaces on CSS stylesheets and themes that simply do not allow for it. For a small local site, you do not need to have "nashville this" and "nashville" that on every user location. You can if you wish, but what matters is that the main keyword term is in the SLUG and the URL and that the keyword in question is somewhere in the content of the post or page.

Also was not built from the ground up by the Network Empire team and is under construction (We are currently working on it with Mike). We also did not select the domain name (not that Nashville,org is a bad one) and at the time of this writing, the products that are to be sold are not yet fleshed out. Not knowing the precise products to be sold makes it harder to properly select the MAIN money keyword of a given silo page, because I like my core products to have their own silo page each. That being said, there are MANY ways to create a silo page, depending upon the purpose of the site. Products silos are one possibility. Directories will use geographical location as the silo landing page - say a STATE with all of the cities under it like we did for in 2005. <See the correct silo menu in the form of a geotargetted directory structure that Jasper created:


The main thing to grasp is that there no absolutes in terms of user optimized menu but the purpose of silo structures is to elevate the silo landing pages on the search engines with supporting articles that give it buoyancy (buoyant page rank). Once you understand this you should understand the principles before making a practical decision about how you want a visitor to read your menus and percieve your site layout. The bottom line is that the articles of a silo tend to make it EASIER for the silo page to rank. Remember this, and you will not get lost in the forest with the trees. Again, see the upcoming tutorials. 

Will Having Pages On My Website with a Video (and Nothing Else) Do Anything to Hurt My Rankings Until I Can Add Content To Each Page, or Should I Un-Publish Them (change to draft) For Now?

A: The beauty of WP is that you can update existing posts and pages, you can then either leave things as they are or adjust the 'publish' date to the current date which would in essence 're-publish' it.

The choice is yours as to whether you set them to draft or not, personally I have used both methods and noticed very little difference. My preference when the 'full' content is in place is to 're-publish'. I make a gut call depending on the amount of traffic to those pages.

In an upcoming future release the plugin will have the ability to set 'new' pages/posts to draft at the point of creation.

Also remember, at the time of this writing, a Youtube Video will get you ranked a lot faster than NOTHING on the page. When you think of it like that, adding a video (either temp or permenant) is a no brainer.

Is There Such A Thing as Keyword Over-Optimization in the URL String of Any Website, Including When Using the Silo Plugin?

There has been some testing by Sue Bell that there can be, in some cases, an over-optimization penalty when you have the targetted keyword in your URL string more than twice. It is for this reason that Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell recommends that you limit your URL string to only 2 instances of your targetted keyword. What you really need to watch for is the use of exact match domains, which could cause you to easily create 3 keyword instances of your targetted keyword or keyword phrase. Here is an example:

In this instance it may be better to use the keyword "bad breath" only twice in the URL string and choose a synonym or other title tag instead. For instance:‎/bad-breath-myths/test-post

There are many conditions besides just keyword instances that can negate or neutralize this issue, so please understand this is only a rule of thumb. You especially need to be careful on smaller niche or local sites and/or newly purchased domains that have your exact match keyword in the root domain. 

I Purchased the Network Empire DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO Silo for Wordpress with Free Plugins Course. How Does This Differ From the SEO Silo Plugin?


Our plugin was designed for people who prefer a fast method of creating silos and also for people who use our Krakken and DWS NE Silo Builder system because these advanced research tools import directly into the silo plugin.

The DIY SEO Silo course was created before we had a fully functional Silo Plugin. It is really useful for people who have a special needs - but it is also very useful to take the DIY course to learn how difficult it is to get Wordpress to accomplish what we need.

Yes, it is easier to use the plugin than to take Kevin's excellent course. But the course is a fabulous training on how to use free plugins to accomplish a similar thing. It gives you unique insite into:

1) How Wordpress is Set Up

2) The engineering of Wordpress and the limitations of Wordpress as it relates to SEO Silo Architecture

3) How to use free plugins if you have any theme conflicts or plugin conflicts with our SEO Silo Plugin. *Note: There are very few conflicts. 

4) Helps you get to know Wordpress SEO intimately - which is excellent in general. 

That being said, the Free SEO Silo Plugin and the Premium Video SEO Silo Plugin is a much easier way to implement a Website Silo Architecture on a Wordpress Blog. 

Does the VSilo and free SEO Silo Plugin add Wordpress Pages to the Wordpress RSS Feed?

Great question.

RSS is a function of wordpress. Once posts are published, they automatically create a Wordpress RSS Feed. Pages do not. It is or Wordpress pages (and therefore the Vsilo plugin silo pages) do not get added to the WP RSS feed by default. Our plugin does not change this or add pages automatically. There is a plugin that works well for this called

When you install the "RSS includes pages plugin", pages will automatically appear in your feed along with default posts.

Hope this helps.

Note: Sitemap softwares like Yoast Wordpress SEO automatically include pages in the Sitemap, which is why it is so important to submit a site map to Google and Bing at the very minium.

The question of Wordpress pages being added to the default WP RSS feed is important because of our other product called One Feed To Rule Them All. If you are serious about RSS, you will want to install the additional plugin.

- Russell

Can The VSilo Plugin Be Used on Client "Money" Sites (Also Called WR1 Money Site)?

Full Question:

On a client's WR1 Blog, how do you handle adding the videos using the Video Silo Plugin? I don't mean the technical installation part, I mean, my client would have a fit if I were to add other people's YouTube videos into his Money Site / Blog. How do you strategically handle WR1 sites with the Video Silo Plugin? Do you create drip promotional campaign using DWS NE Silo Builder? Please clarify because I am having a tough time visualizing this process.

Short Answer:

The short answer is that you do NOT want to load "other people's videos" on your client's blog and you will probably turn off the video import function unless you want to add your clients specific video channel as the import function. The other option is to use the videos for fast indexing and/or ranking of a page, lateer adding client-specific videos when they are available. They need to be added manually.

Comprehensive Answer:

There is a place in the plugin in the settings area where you can specify a channel - if the client has an existing youtube account with videos, then putting the channel in there will limit the video selection to those videos and no video will be selected if the channel doesn't have one that matches the keyword for the page.

The video aspect is really optional with the WR-1 sites; though it can be a great tool to quickly setup a blog with content and let it start to collect rankings while you are preparing the blueprint and content.

How you handle the content after the initial final content is in the blog depends on the purpose for the blog - there are three possibilities:

1) It's a static site. It has a static home page, it has evergreen content and it's the money site where the buy buttons are located. You add the content and leave it alone. This is typically accompanied by another site that is a blog; usually in a subdomain

2) It's a blog. In this case I put the home page back to the blog roll and make the site more social than I would a static site using plugins. I might only mirror the silo pages from the static site (as referenced in #1 above), or for more competitive topics, I might mirror the whole blueprint. After content is loaded into the static pages, I continue to post blog posts, a minimum of 2 per week.

3) It's a hybrid; serving the purpose as a place to blog news updates as well as a place where the buy buttons are - this is great solution for small shops with small niches (and smaller budgets) that don't have a lot of time to put into their online presence. This has a static page for the home page with a blog roll on the sidebar of the latest posts - keep it to 3-5 posts so you don't bleed the theme unnecessarily.

Static pages are set up to start and then the supporting articles are added to and updated as blog posts as regularly as possible.

Can the V-Silo plugin Be Used to Create Foreign Languages Websites Like German, If So How Do I Accomplish This?

Sure, it works for other languages - the german keyword you type in will cause it to choose german videos and scrape the description which will also probably be german. Remember, of course this only works if there is a video on Youtube with the foreign keyword you are targetting. If such a keyword video does not exist, you will have to embed your own video and tag it appropriately.

How Do I Embed Related Blog Post Excerpts At The Bottom of Static Pages?

Question Expanded:

It says our new plugin embeds related blog post excerpts at the bottom of the static pages, keeping the content on the page changing and helps to keep it “fresh” from the eyes of Google bots.

I cant see how to activate that option in the plugin that embeds related blog post excerpts at the bottom of static pages.


If you are importing an XML from DWS NE Silo Builder, DWS has the option in the content creation section for you to add an "Article Synopsis:" for every article. When you export this out the Article Synopsis becomes an post/page 'excerpt' in WP.

Then if you add the following shortcode to your posts and pages [wpu_silo excerpt='true' links='10' show_thumbnails='true'] the excerpt will appear below the link to the page.

Vsilo Plugin and the NE Semantic WordPress Themes

Can We Use the VSilo Plugin When With Your Semantic Seduction Theme?

Yes. You can absolutely use the Vsilo Plugin with any of the Semantic WordPress Themes creted by Kevin Polley and the Network Empire Team

Student Success Stories with Video Silo Plugin

You Ranked 1st Page on a Brand New Local Site with Multiple Inner Pages in 3 Days?! How Did You Use VSilo to Do This? 

Facebook Dialogue:

FB1: You ranked 1st page on a brand new site locally with multiple inner pages in 3 days?! WOW, is that all with the vsilo plugin? Btw, where is the sales page for that plugin?

FB2: I bought it here: Video Silo Plugin Purchase. This plugin put me on first page for the main keyword yes, the inner pages I mentioned were for the keyword + expert.

FB1: that is still pretty amazing, you mean you did that all in 3 days on a brand new site? Was this NHB style stuff, or is that Russell Wright's training that you picked up? Does he offer a separate coaching?

FB2: Yes he does at Network Empire Coaching. But my method was all from NHB and picking up on what Greg Morrison has been doing and recommending lately. I think some of the members area stuff is dated and so if you watch his posts you'll have a more up to date account for what is working now.

FB1: So basically you install the vsilo plugin which creates the silo strcuture and auto import the videos, and then after the page ranks, you add content on it? I'm wondering if this only works for low competition stuff? Because I can't imagine for example "dallas bankcruptcy lawyer" would rank for a subpage in a few days with this plugin with videos on it? Am I missing something with the strategy here? So many posts on the group lol, mind linking a couple here? Thx! (smile)

FB2: I really can't speak for every single niche man. Some are hyper competitive.


The basic begin strategy is that I use the v-silo plugin to generate the generic silos.

So it goes out and fetches the vidoes, content and comments and post those on my behalf.

Then I wait...

When I saw the pages indexing I ordered content. I paid a really good writer well to create content that is top notch and sells.

Then I just took out the video description which is what was used for the post content and replaced that with the good content I ordered.

I waited and monitored the effects and I didn't lose any rankings and I had the top 5 spots for the keyword + expert as a result.

If you need more than that that's fine. I would only use PBN links though. And do them slow. See where you are and only use them when needed.

Common Plugin Installation Questions and Errors

I Installed Vsilo On My New Domain and I'm Getting Errors When Trying to Add a New Silo to the Site. What Should I Do?

Answer: Please de-activate all other plugins, and then activate our own. You will probably find that it works. If it does not work, then it could be your theme or hosting. If the plugin activates/works alright, it is probably one of your plugins causing the conflict or error. Start "activating" your plugins one at a time, and you will probably end up finding the plugin that causes the error. This is usually a sign that the plugin is not programmed well, or that it requires security permissions that are less than optimal for other plugins. This is to say that it does not "play nicely" with others.

If you are still not able to solve this, please include a temp admin login and we will take a fast look at this, but be advised, there is usually a delay for this inspection.

Change Logs - Video SEO Silo Plugin

Version 1.4

- Fixed Infrastructure Error that popped up occasionally. (fixed)

- Deleting a page breaks structure of the silo hierarchy in the plugin view. (fixed) 

Version 1.5 

1.5 Enhancements:

1. Add optional thumbnail image (video plugin = adding video thumb) to

  • Sidebar Widget Menu
  • Contextual Menu Area

2. Posts can now be added to the silo structure from standard WP post editor with new Sidebar Widget in the post edit area.
3. Plugin performs check to insure a file was specified for upload.
4. The plugin was modified to load pages and add videos in the background (So be sure to note that it is loading silo pages and videos even if they do not appear to be present yet).

1.5 Bug Fixes:

1. Background loading of pages fixes import issue when more than 30 silos were being loaded.
2. User no longer needs to “save” unchanged video options in a fresh blog for the videos to load.
3. The plugin no longer ignores “draft” posts.
4. Tabbing no longer loses focus going from Description to Keywords in Post Meta Data box
5. Importing multiple files issues fixed; in subsequent files the pages were imported improperly in a number of ways, breaking the silo structure including:

  • Adding a second import file causes all new pages to load as silo landing pages
  • Adding a second import file causes supporting pages to be created as pages, categories and posts

Version 1.5.1  (Current Version)

  • Required Upgrade - please do so as soon as possible. Go to your plugin download area provided upon purchase and download Vsilo builder 1.5.1
  • The free version (non-video) is located here.
  • If you are a Network Empire (Pro) Member the Vsilo Premium Version (requires login) is located here.
  • If you purchased the Vsilo plugin as a stand alone product (on WF or OMG/NHB) you also need your original login and should download it here.
  • If you have not yet purchased the Vsilo (Video SEO silo) plugin for wordpress and would like to do so, please go here.  

    Version Release Change Logs    

1. Bug fix related to the Socrates Theme

2. Excerpt issue returned on some themes now fixed permenantly. 

Version 1.6.3 Updates and Fixes (Current Version)

- (Hot!) Drag and Drop on Manual Silo Builder page - you can change the order of silos, move categories between different silos, and pages between different categories!

  • Known Browser Extension Errors for Drag and Drop Function: Roboform extension problems. If you are using Roboform as a Chrome v30.0 or Mozilla extension, you may find that the drag and drop function does not work properly. Please temporarily disable it if you wish to use the drag and drop function, otherwise you may use the on-page widget to move pages to different silos instead.

- New Adsense and/or embeddable shortcode windows (X2) that allows for the long term control of embedded material sitewide. You may use the shortcode area options for adsense and/or banner ad. See the fast video tutorial:

- Site Name on Sidebar Widget became a user entered variable with “Home” as the default. This option is available in on the widget. Watch the "Home Link" Video Tutorial Here:
Image:Change Top Menu.png

- Give the silo structure (currently on the settings page) it’s own tab called “Silo Map”. This is great for client output and to clarify what has or has not been published.

- Imports or manually updates to the structure will automatically change the title capitalization to upper case the first character of each word, unless the word is all capitals, in which case it remains unchanged.

1.6.3 BUG Fixes:

  •  [wpu_silo links='10'] - would cause a fatal error. This is fixed.
  • Issue with occasional duplicate videos resolved.

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