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A Theme is a group of semantically related terms.

At Network Empire, there are three different applications where you will find Themes used in various ways.

The Last Keyword Tool (TLKT)

TLKT extracts keyword lists from the top ranked sites for your seed terms. With TLKT, there is not limit on the keywords that are returned for your seed term so some of the keywords may appear to have no intrinsic relationship to each other. Their only association is that the keywords were found on sites where your seed term was also present.

In TLKT, you can get an of how related each keyword is to your seed term via the LSI (latent semantic indexing) and Bayes scores.

Unlike, TLKT, Krakken a Vertical market assessment tool, not a keyword tool. As such, it will only return keywords that relevant to your seed terms.

Krakken uses Latent Semantic Analysis and Bayesian probability in conjunction with a corpus defined by the parent theme in order to determine a minimum relevancy for the keywords that we allow to comprise a theme. A Theme in Krakken VOMA, is comprised of Important Keywords, Interesting Keywords and Additional Keywords.

Keyword relevance to the Parent Theme and synonymic set is determined by latent semantic indexing techniques utilized in Krakken.

Krakken is designed to focus on markets rather than keywords. Properly defining a market and its associated demographics is less fragmented than keyoword research. Additionally, Krakken allows the themes to be used collectively in a website silo architecture website. This method allows a website to rank for hundreds of keywords using far fewer inbound links than using other methods.

The Blueprint

The sole purpose of the blueprint is to get you ranked for you main website terms (silo landing page synonymic sets) as well as other relevant keywords that will bring targeted, and relevant traffic to your website.

For the Blueprint then, the criteria for Themes here is to have keywords that meet the following standards: are highly relevant to your seed terms, with a preference for keywords which have high cost and traffic.

In a blueprint theme you might find as many as 30 keywords pre-selected after a drill. These pre-selected keywords are the ones, based on the information gathered from the drill of your seed term, the keywords that best support the ideas that you are trying to rank for. These pre-selected keywords are not a fixed set - they can be customized to be more closely aligned with your DNA.

A blueprint theme, then, is primarily a collection of closely related terms that support each other and the seed terms for that theme.

For more information please visit Theme Zoom.

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