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About TLKT:

What Is TLKT or The Last Keyword Tool? 

The Last Keyword Tool (aka TLKT) is an advanced, consumer grade, natural language processing tool used by hundreds of Network Empire students around the world.

When you drill into a keyword in TLKT you start by selecting the appropriate local and language for your drill.  Once the drill is complete you have an number of predefined filters and columns available to you to help you determine the perfect keywords that you need for what ever you are doing at the moment; whether it's trying to find quality keywords for your site, supporting keywords for an article, keywords for link diversity for your promotions, TLTK will show you which keywords are most valuable (traffic and paid cost), which keywords are thematiclaly important to your topic (LSI/Bayes), which keywords your competitors are using the most (uses), and which keywords are most specific to your niche.

All of these things translate into better rankings and more traffic for your sales pages.

Where Can I Buy TLKT and What Are The Various Network Empire Packages and Bundles In Which It Is Included? 

Here is a pricing grid that shows the various Network Empire bundles that include this natural language processing-based keyword research software:

The Network Empire Bundle Grid

The OMG Special Offer (with discount coupon) Sales Page

Does The Last Keyword Took work with Foreign Languages?

Yes, our tools are multi-lingual / locale aware.  They can drill in the following County & Language combinations:

Canada (english)
Canada (français)
Finland (svenska)
Suomi (suomi)
United Kingdom
United States

How to Find Articles for My Silo Using TLKT

Question: I was looking on your silo diagram (attached for reference) and it mentions that a minimum of 5 supporting pages must support each silo. So when to find good keywords for those pages that will support each silo, I was wondering if this would be a good or bad way to go about it.

Let's say I picked a silo keyword of "playing guitar". Could I then take that keyword "playing guitar" and plug it into TLKT and apply a LARI filter to find highly relevant keywords to that keyword, and use 5 (or so) of THOSE keywords to establish my theme?

Answer from Sue Bell:

Yes - that's perfect - create a new TLKT project with the seed word of "playing guitar" and then under shortcuts you can use either "golden niches" or "highly relevant" to get a list of good keywords for your articles:


(Notice there's a "suggested silos" that you can use after you drill into the "uber theme" for your site)

Of course you can also play with these filters or create one of your own too, that's what makes the tool fun :)

How Can I Change my Password?

You can update your password here: This will generate an email that will go to the email you used to sign up with your account, frequently this email address is also your username.

How Does the Giant Green and Red Chart (Cost - Competition Chart) Work in TLKT?


Above: The Cost/Competition Chart

Lots of green means there is a significant number of low hanging fruit keywords. Lots of red means there is a significant number of competetive keywords that are above average in difficulty.

Click this link to be taken exactly to the video location where Sue Bell talks directly about the meaning of the Cost-Competition Chart.

Instructional Videos

This webinar is a demonstration of the basics in TLKT

- we also highlight the use of filters:

Get the ROI Filter in text format.
Get the Supporting Keyword Filter in text format.

The Last Keyword Tool Column Demo

The Last Keyword Tool Filter Demo - How to Filter on a Column:

The Last Keyword Tool Filter Demo - How to Filter on the Keyword Column:

The Last Keyword Tool Affiliate Market Example:

The Last Keyword Tool - Competitive Analysis Features - Part 1:

The Last Keyword Tool - Competitive Analysis Features - Part 2:

The Last Keyword Tool Special Filters and Tricks

About TLKT Filters:

(coming soon)

Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Enhancement Filter

The Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Enhancement Filter was created by Sue Bell and Jimmy Kelley of Network Empire. The purpose of this filter is to give you the best anchortext keywords when building back links to websites. This will be especially useful when coupled with information from the GSA Software Training Course and the Domain Authority Stacking Course.

Here is the filter:

keyword_google_competing_pages < 1000000 and keyword_is_pure_diverse and keyword_lsi_score > 1

Miscellaneous TLKT Questions from Users

What Does the Failed Requests Queue Mean?

Here is a video that describes the common confusion about the Failed Request Q.

Why Does My Browser Competing Pages Conflict with TLKT Competing Pages?

Hi Russel and Sue,

Touching back to a question I asked yesterday about the last keyword tool and broad competition. I am still a little bit confused as to what this term means.

I assumed it was the results returned when searched on google for example if I typed - [private keyword] - google uk would show about 49,900,000 result. However on the last keyword tool for the UK locale the broad match return 1,790,000 results. Hope this makes sense and would appreciate some clarification.


Sue Bell Responds with a Private Video:

Also See Blog Article:


Question: How do you calculate the competing pages, the numbers seem wrong to me.

Answer: We have created a video to show you 

Question: Do you pull keywords from Google's Planner?

Answer: We don't actually grab keywords from the planner, we just use it to get cost and traffic for they keywords we collect from everywhere else.

I thought the old google keyword tool brought back some very over-used and tired keywords which was why we stopped pulling from keywords from them a couple of years ago - the new planner tool actually looks much more interesting and I'm playing with different ways of getting keywords there - we might implement something in the not too distant future.

RIght now, the largest source of keywords are the top ranked sites for your seed term on both yahoo and google. We scrape different parts of those top ranked pages to get related and tangent concepts.

We also grab keywords from other sources - those sources change from time to time as reliability and consistency of a source site change.

Purchase TLKT by visiting: The Last Keyword Tool or Network Empire

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