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From Keyword to Headline: A Complete Research and Writing System


Video Overview: Persuasion Theme-to-Keyword-to-Healine System

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How to Think About The Network Empire Stackable Market Research System

The "Stacking" Challenge for New Students: 

One of the big challenges for new students of Network Empire and Theme Zoom is understanding the layers of System Stacking when collecting  Themes, Keywords, Pain Keywords, Money (solution) Keywords, and Converting Headlines. One of the most important "non-technical" end results of the Network Empire PLMM research process is the discovery of the One Line Zinger Highest Converting Headline. During the discovery process (seen in the image above) other important themes, keywords, trends, pains and market conditions will be discovered. As a complete picture of the market is formed during the utilization of the software tools and systems, it will become obvious how to "stack and load" language into high converting sentences that speak directly to the deep seated pain within any given market. At the end of all of the technical alchemy, you will likely discover that specific types of verbiage, topics, pains and headlines are "Hot Buttons" for your niche, market or industry. After you discover these other keywords and topics, you will construct your website and your network of site (broadcasting network) around the core pain. When done well, it is possible to position your "painkiller" product or solution as the only viable option in the marketplace.

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Related Tools for Stacking Your Themes, Keywords, and Persuasive Headlines:

1. Single Vertical Theme (Skin in above image): Use Krakken, the Vertical Market Research Tool

Krakken can be purchased as Stand Alone or with a Network Empire Special Premium Krakken Package

  • DWS NE Builder can be used to organize and sculpt your website silo architecture by importing your themes and keywords from Krakken

2. Pain Keyword or Longtails (Skin Rash in above image): Use TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool) and/or The Painfinder Application. Krakken will also return the most profitable Pain Keywords because they are often  the most profitable.

3. Buyer (solution) Keywords (Skin Rash Balm in above image): Bring your own products, solutions, inventions and keywords to our tools and systems for validation, exploration and optimization. Use the FAQ and SAQ  Process Map and Spreadsheets in the IS-DNA process of the Network Empire Members Only Area. Software: Use TLKT or Krakken (or both) to drill into solution (painkiller) keywords, especially drawing from the FAQ/SAQ list that you have organized from the training area.

4. Complete PAM (Painkiller) Persuasive Semantic Headline (Balm for Skin Rashes: Are They Safe? in Above Image): Use The Painkiller Application combined with the other Network Empire software applications and courses you have applied in previous steps and levels.

5. Resequence and Test Various Headlines Until You Isolate the One Line Zinger Highest Converting Headline(s) (Dr. Recommends Oinment for Skin Rashes! In Above Image): Use all of the tools from prior steps and you will have several profitable headlines and "topics" that you know convert to sales. This means that when you talk about the solutions to these common pains in your niche, market or industry, you get not only readership and response - you get buyers. Note: It can take years for most people to "accidentally" discover their "One Line Zinger" but when they do it is a license to printing money. You will probably find yours in the first few months of following the previously mentioned steps and by "Stacking" your persuasive "theme-to-keyword-to-headline" testing. You will see results by TRACKING the responses to your headlines throughout your broadcasting network. *Please take the Network Empire Tracking and Analytics Course to ensure that you are able to recognize the most powerful conversion topics and headlines! 

Core Concept: Preparatory Video for this Page: Stackable Simplicity

Watch the Video Called Stackable Science of Simplicity

George Whitesides: Towards a Science of Simplicity

Also See Stackable System

Core Concept: The One Line Zinger Highest Converting Headline

Find your "one line zinger" because your strongest and weakest converting headlines will be syndicated downstream when you build your complete One Web Ring Empire!

Here is the Definition of the One Line Zinger Conversion Headline

See the full flash animation of the Socially Active, Semantic Web Integrated One Web Ring

Core Concept: Ground Zero Content Detonation - You Are Only as Profitable as Your Strongest Converting Headline

Please see the full wiki on Ground Zero Content Detonation. This concept clearly reveals why you are only as profitable as your best converting headline. Especially when it comes to syndicating your concepts downstream to other platforms and websites on your Market Domination Network and Web Rings.

In the image below, red arrows represent content syndicating downstream to other platforms in your empire. This may happen in a variety of ways to a variety platforms including One Feed RSS and others. Blue arrows represent traffic returning back to your WR1 Money Site as a result of this downstream content syndication. Green arrows represent technical SEO Page Rank and Domain Authority that you may recieve depending upon the Domain Authority of the platforms presenting your article or video content:

Flow of Ground Zero Content, Traffic and PageRank  <-- New image coming soon.

Core Concept: Mental Refresher on USP (Unique Selling Proposition or Position)

Please review the wiki entry for USP - Unique Selling Position

A USP has been called both a Unique Selling Proposition and a Unique Selling Position. Proposition is more about a product or offer, a Position is more about your brand values. Brand values do not have much to do with keyword research. You need to bring those to the table with you.

  • For building your corporate or personal brand, we recommend studying Simon Sinek's Start With Why concepts:

Core Concept: Website Persuasion Architecture versus Website Silo Architecture

The Theme Zoom team provides an early adopter webinar on the Semantic Web:

Also See Engagement Rank wiki entry or Engagement Rank main page.

Core Concept and Tool: PAM - The Painkiller Article Method

The Painkiller Article Method (PAM) is useful for both text and video script writing:

Because the Painkiller Article Method is useful for both writing articles and video scripts, we placed it as number Step 4: In the Network Empire Stackable Website Launching System. You must understand the website launch stackable system before you are able to begin expanding your empire and build the socially activated, one web ring empire. *You would be suprised by how many student want to start building a Network Empire before they have completed the steps for a basic website and/or the research for their market or industry as described in the diagram at the top of this page

Again here is the stackable system in flash animation form:

Inside the Network Empire private membership area, you should review all of Step 4: A-DNA and V-DNA Creation

Visit this section here (You must be a number):

A-DNA and V-DNA simply mean Article and Video Componants.

Here are a few of the PAM (Painkiller Article Templates) that we provide.

Download a the PAM (Painkiller Article Method Template)

Learn more about the software systems we use to create rapid-fire PAM in the private members area.

Expanded Knowledge, Related Course and Tools

Several topics discussed on this page are connected to the Video Website Architecture course available in the Network Empire members area.

Here is an image of one possible way to add video persuasion architecture as an overlay to website silo architecture.

Download The Persuasion Architecture Mastery Chart:

The Persuasion Architecture Mastery Chart created by Russell Wright is a grid of different kinds of persuasion that can be used for different purposes and at different digital location on your network:

Download the Persuasion Architecture Mastery Chart

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