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A pure diverse synonym is a keyword that does not contain the root word of any keyword contained within your parent theme. This is a proprietary term used in reference to the natural language processing search engine optimization technology called Theme Zoom Krakken.

For example, if your parent theme is "fast bicycle" and one of your search engine proven synonyms is "faster bicycles" then "faster bicycles" is NOT a PURE diverse search engine proven synonym. This is because it contains the root of both keywords that make up your parent theme phrase. [faster contains - "fast"] [bicycles contains - "bicycle"] Although "faster bicycles" is not a partially diverse synonyms and is a diverse synonym, it is not a pure diverse synonym because it contains the root of one or more keywords within the parent theme. Pure diverse synonyms are the most valuable SEPS and a sometimes rare, depending on the vertical market in which you are performing research.

A pure diverse synonym for the above example would be "Quick Ten Speed" or "Racing Schwinn".

Of course, a new problem arises if your "pure diverse (technical) synonyms" are not useful for your intention or your market. This is a problem that will often come up. For instance, if you are not selling ten speed bikes or Schwinn branded bikes, the pure diverse synonym may be useless to your project.

Some pople choose to over-optimize in this case. We suggest that you carefully decide how to avoid this by taking our advanced SEO training courses.

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