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Also See Theme Zoom Public Relations and Media Room (Currently Under Construction).

Also See media room

Public relations (PR) is a field concerned with maintaining and enhancing public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as politicians and celebrities.

Public relations is used to build rapport with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public.[7] Almost any organization that has a stake in how it is portrayed in the public arena employs some level of public relations. There are a number of public relations disciplines falling under the banner of corporate communications, such as analyst relations, media relations, investor relations, internal communications and labor relations.

For a much more in depth understanding of Public Relations please see Wikipedia and Press Release.

Other public relations disciplines include:

  • Financial public relations - providing information mainly to business reporters
    * Consumer/lifestyle public relations - gaining publicity for a particular product or service, rather than using advertising
    * Crisis public relations - responding to negative accusations or information
    * Industry relations - providing information to trade bodies
    * Government relations - engaging government departments to influence policymaking

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