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Content that incurs an additional charge beyond the standard text messaging charges. Normally applied to your phone bill these charges could be for ring tones, music, and other goods or services.

Content for which the provider levies a charge separate and in addition to any fixed charges made by the network operator to access that content.

"Just to be clear, for the purposes of this course, Premium Content means ANY content for which a customer or visitor must PAY in order to listen, read, watch. Price is an utterly different topic. I just want us to agree on the terms and definitions. Paid content serving inevitably requires a clear technology and paid content delivery system. This is where most folks have failed in the past.

I would venture so far to say that many bloggers providing excellent content go broke because they misunderstand two primary things: Micro-Content and Paid Content Web Technology."  

Above Quote by Russell Wright of Theme Zoom

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