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PAM is the Painkiller Article Method used to create A-DNA and V-DNA articles and video scripts for the Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine.

The painkiller article method, or PAM, is a writing framework that builds about Module One of The Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine, the IS-DNA (Industry Solution) development.

Essentially, this writing style creates a context for addressing any frequently asked question (FAQ) or should ask question (SAQ) quickly and efficiently. The PAM method addresses pains, doubts, and insufficiencies in a niche, market or industry.

PAM is a template driven approach to high-conversion article writing that is highly robust, yet flexible.

Here are standard PAM parameters. If these are used, article conversion can improve as much as 50%.

3 Things To Avoid . . .

5 Things To Avoid . .

5 Reasons You Should . . .

3 Reasons You Should . . .

7 Reasons You Should . . .

The 3 Biggest Mistakes (People Make)

How To ___ In 5 Steps

How To ___ In 7 Steps

How To ___ In 3 Easy Steps

Top 3 Tips

Top 5 Tips

Pros and Cons

Benefits And Drawbacks Of

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