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The One Ring (To Rule Them All) slogan was adopted by Theme Zoom LLC during the formation of the Network Empire private members only community.

The "One Ring" concept was coined to help students understand core topics around which we are providing software and/or stackable E-learning concepts. These are core areas where advanced (and sometimes difficult) concepts have been automated or simplified.

One Ring  Software Applications and Teaching Courses:


!. One Plan to Rule Them All (Business Decision Solutions, Focus, and Education):

Any profitable "business plan" has intrinsic value. Therefore, the value of a proven plan profit-building digital empire has extreme value. For this reason, we give it "One Ring" status.

Without a plan, nothing else matters.

It has taken us thousands of hours of technical trial and error to prepare a decent technical plan for you.

It has taken five years of students to realize, in order to help everyone, that we needed 4 different success tracks.

This 4-track pathway is what we call "One Plan to Rule Them All".

The 'One Plan to Rule Them All Concept' has two core 'Decision Frameworks':

Framework 1: The Network Empire Members Area and the 4 Track Business Tracks Option

A. Small Business (Niche Domination Track)

B. Large Business (Market Domination Track) *Coming Soon Elite Members Only

C. SEO Professional (For SEO and Social Media Professionals) *Coming Soon

D. Affiliate Marketer (For Affiliate Marketers) *Coming Soon

Framework 2: The Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine Stackable Planning System

Although some of the tracks differ substantially from track to track, the essential components are the same. You can think of PLMM as a way to stack the complex "DNA" required to automate a sustainable business with just the right amount of the Cybernetic Principles in the quadrants discussed throughout this book.

Although these principles are great theories (we even called them theories) PLMM provides technological solutions for each one of the quadrants:

2. One Feed to Rule Them All (Social Networks, Content Curation and Viral Propagation):

The One Feed to Rule Them All System is a component of the Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine.

Essentially, it is a feed-based system and educational training that allows an individual to curate and syndicate a large amount of content with the click of a mouse.

This system is not merely to be used for SEO purposes. It is designed to attract leads, like a magnet, directly.

3. One Web Ring to Rule Them All (The Market Domination Track for Advanced Users):

The One Web Ring is really a computational model representing the completion of the entire PLMM system within the most advanced track inside the Network Empire members area. The most advanced track is the Market Domination Track.

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