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Here is the best explanation of the One Feed RSS System as taught inside the Swallow Your Market Whole Level 1 Tech Foundation Training Course (8 Week Webianr Bootcamp).

Testimonial About Above Webinar:

"Yesterday was a TWO lightbulb day which happens about once every decade or two."

Thanks. - Terry.

Please visit the main site for the One Feed To Rule them All RSS Marketing Course and RSS Blog Marketing Done For You Service

The One Feed System is an integrated content curation system created by Russell Wright and Sue Bell of Theme Zoom LLC.
By simply clicking "Share" on your reader, you can syndicate highly relevant content to targeted followers, fans and customers.

Also See Network Empire's Content Curation Course - Cash Micro-Content Curation, Syndication and Publishing at the Speed of Thought

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Learn how to automate your blogs via RSS to both Facebook and TwitterFeed (and Linked In) using Twitterfeed.

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