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A media room is a critical addition to your online presence, especially if you are submitting online press releases and care about public relations.

A website media room provides an opportunity for you to represent your company or business in a professional manner to media, journalists, writers, podcasters and bloggers. It provides them with pre-created materials and interview questions that will get your company reported on before companies that are not savy enough to have a media room.

An example of a website media room from Theme Zoom LLC.

An example of a website media room from Ali Brown (formerly Ezine Queen).

According to Marc Harty of 30 Minute PR, a media room will ideally contain the following elements:

  1. Contact info
  2. Bio (personal and/or company)
  3. Graphics and Images (head shots)
  4. Media Kit (includes company backgrounder and story, individual fact sheets, speaker one sheet)
  5. Media Clips (may include print news, online, broadcast audio or video, logos and masthead of various media)
  6. Press release archives
  7. Articles (links to relevant articles)
  8. News Feeds (subscribe for news alerts)
  9. Sample Questions (essential) By topic and category. According to Marc Harty, controversial topics are fine.
  10. Speaking Topics (1 to 3 topics are enough)
  11. Awards, Merits and distinctions
  12. Interview subjects (Note: namedrop some of the impressive and noteworthy people you’ve interviewed, and have sound bites (or people who have interviews you).
  13. Social Media (Integration with blog, social booksmark sites and social media press release)

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