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Mark Evan Furman is an iconoclast among neuroscientists.  He is the founder of Cognitive Neurophysics, an interdisciplinary branch of science dedicated to understanding, predicting, influencing, changing & transferring human behavior patterns.

It is suggested (by Theme Zoom co-inventor Russell Wright) that Mark's Neuroprinting technology has a high potential for completely transforming culture and driving new Epimemetic value systems.

In order for this to happen, the technology needs to become available to anyone who has a sincere desire to re-wire their behavior patterns. Mark has been (and continues to be) one of Wright's strongest personal influences spawning several inventions including a new and emerging thought system called Epimemetics. Epimemetics is currently in the early viral state of widespread cultural replication.

Other Epimemetic LLC inventions and Epimeme-plexes strongly influenced by Mark Evan Furman:

- Epimemetic Cultural Buoyancy (The Brilliant Destiny of Mankind) (In development) 

Sisyphus Slope (Dopaminergic) Inversion Technology (In development)

- The Meta-Mirror project  (In development -  also strongly influenced by VS Ramachandran, creator of the Mirror Box as well as and Michael Gazzaniga the pioneer of split brain research) 

- Existential Cognitive Dissonance (formerly called existential cosmic confabulation) (In development)

- Existential Cognitive Consonance (In development)

- The Solalign Method (Whole Life Congruency and Multi-Modal Sensory Perception Integration using Mark Furman's concept of Cross Level Coherence within the 5 Primary Stackable Life Categories - In development) 

*None of these thought systems are approved or endorsed by Furman, and Epimemetics LLC has no formal business affiliation with him.  


"Our destiny path traverses between our greatest passions and our greatest adversities." - Mark Evan Furman

Mark Evan Furman Introduction to Destiny Program Monologue:

There are approximately six and one half billion people that occupy our planet.

The greatest tragedy of being human is that most of those people will live and die never knowing their destiny.

Never knowing why they were here.

Never finding meaning or purpose in their life.

Never finding happiness.

In order to reveal someones destiny, we must have a process for looking inside.

A process that is foolproof.

A process that goes deep.

We are immensely concept oriented creatures.

But those concepts are built on top of a neural net that has over 100 billion working units and 100 trillion synapses.

This is where information passes from the outside to the inside and back out again- where you live your life from day to day.

We are going to reach into those 'concepts' and find something called "Cross Level Coherence (CLC)".

Cross Level Coherence is the process that reveals destiny.

We are complex creatures.

We are divided.

Your whole life you have been in conflict.

You've had values in conflict with other values.

You had dreams in conflict with other dreams.

You've had dreams in conflict with limitations and obstacles.

You've had wants and desires in conflict with other peoples wants and desires as well as your own.

There is not a day that goes by that we do not deal with some sort of internal conflict. Not one.

Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are huge.

But we are conflicted because we are not one single unit.

We appear that way- we are a Holon, but we are built from many interacting parts.

Those interacting parts developed from millions of years of evolution - all of them with their own unique goal-oriented agenda. 

The brain is divided into 3 major parts. 

We have a hindbrain- sometimes called a reptillian brain. It has very basic and very simple survival desires and drives. Those simple desires and drives will sometimes (in fact often times) over ride things that the other systems want. 

We have a midbrain. Sometimes we call this our limbic system. It is the source of all of our emotions. Happiness, sadness, fear and anger. Guilt. Grief. All of the emotions that keep us trapped. These emotions create our limitation matrix and prevent us from reaching our dreams.

We have the very new part of our brain called the neo-cortex. The new part of our brain has the ability to do some special things. With the New Cortex we can think, plan, create, and see the future.  It has immense capabilities. 

But each of these three systems have different objectives. 

Each of them have different wants and desires. 

Each of them fight for control of the entire system called "you".

This fight is going on every day.

Now, just in case this was not difficult enough . . . we ALSO have a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. They also want different things.

These two hemispheres see the world very differently. 

Your right hemisphere sees the world in wholes. Integrated. Synthesized. Eveything is one. Parallel. It sees gestaults. 

Your left brain sees everything in pieces. Sequences. It chops the world up.

This makes it possible for you to learn symbolic language. 

These two sides of the brain want different things.

They percieve the world in different ways and they want things based on the way they independently percieve the world, they create internal conflict.

We have seen sich conflict rage in certain clinical cases with split brain studies.

These cases are dramatic representations what is going on within us all . . . 

We are immensely divided.  

The final division we have is the conflict between our autonomic nervous system and our voluntary nervous system. 

That division is huge because it divides those things that we actually have control over from those things that we THINK we have control over- but really dont. 

It is within this fundamental blind spot that my life work has its most profound effect. 

Mark's material is transformational in nature.

It is a catalyst that will assist you in liberting yourself from exposure your personal cognitive blind spots. These blind spots generate personal failures due to confabulation and existential cognitive dissonance. As Mark has clarified in his material, you cannot escape if you do not know you are in prison. 

Mark is the author of The Neurophysics of Human Behavior: Explorations at the Interface of the Brain, Mind, Behavior, and Information -  the foundation textbooks for cognitive neurophysics.

Russell used the work of David Allen, Gregory Berns, Carol Tavris and Mark Evan Furman (in synthesis) to lay a solid foundation for a new science called Epimemetics.

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