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Epimemetics Update for September 11th, 2015

The above diagram is a pseudoscientific wimsical rendering only to inspire creative thought. Obviously replicators dont neatly attach themselves to a (bad drawing of) DNA. In fact, the only real saving grace of the hierarchy implied is the 'R6 Destination Unknown' which removes it from a totalist agenda. The drawing may actually do more damage than good to the actual science of memetics, and could be removed at any moment.

What Was the Epimemetics Project?

Epimemetics is an experimental meta-philosophy of cultural meme-transcendence via the study of meta-belief. The proposed purpose of Epimemetics is to facilitate conscious acts of cultural creation.

"It's Magic Till Science. Then it's Magic Again."- Russell Wright

Epimemetics Was NOT an Atheistic MetaBelief System!

Important! Epimemetics is not an atheistic philosophy, is is Syntheistic and Biocentric! Because Epimemetics builds upon (some of) the work of Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins, some have decided that we are atheists. The truth is not so simple. 

Epimemetics predicts that the 4th and 5th replicator may emerge if mankinds survives the widespread propagation of The Third Cultural Replicator ( i.e. Temes/Technology Memes). Epimemetics also predicts that the cracking of the mathematical code which is the underpinnings of the Biocentric Universe Theory could be discovered as quantum computing reaches it's peak during the Third Replicator Phase of cultural evolution - which we are living NOW. It also predicts that the cracking of the Biocentric Code will require a synthesis of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Once this neurocognitively integrated "new math" is complete, it could (theoretically) dissolve the quantum gravitational limitations of the work of Albert Einstein and render extreme equations such as Stephen Hawking's current Big Bang Theory, obsolete or less useful for bridging the paradox between gravity A and Gravity B. In summary, Epimemetics predicts (dangerously) that the Universe will be understood to be an interaction between (recursive) consciousness and the quantum computer that is the Universe. (See The Fourth Replicator) The primary crack could occur when the Double Slit Experiment (that is baffling quantum physicists as we speak) is re-examined via neuroscientist VS Ramachandrin's Split Brain analysis. Experiments are being proposed by Russell Wright of Epimemetics LLC, where each side of the brain could have a unique and alternate influence on the "probablity outcome" of the Double Slit Experiment or could create a probability "phase cancellation" on the predicted outcome of the experiment when the observer is fully taken into account - especially the binary limitations of the observers brain.


Abstract: What Is Epimemetic Meta-Theory?

Epimemetics is both an intentional systems theory and a meta-theory of sociocultural evolution that predicts the existence of the fourth, fifth and sixth (cultural) replicator. The axiom of epimemetic theory is derived from multidisciplinary conclusions about mathematical recursion (or recursive embeddedness) as it relates to emergence theory and Robert Lanza's BioCentric Universe Theory. The meta-theory of epimemetics was first proposed in 2011 by technology inventor Russell Wright of Epimemetics LLC and was approved as a default domain and topic in the Freebase fact archive in 2014.

Within epimemetic theory, the fourth replicators are predicted to evolve sometime after Susan Blackmore's third replicators (also called Temes or technology memes). *See Susan Blackmore, TED Talk, Memes and Temes, 2011. The Replicator is a concept first theorized by Richard Dawkins in his highly controversial book The Selfish Gene. As a meta-theory, epimemetics proposes a stacked epistemology as suggested by George M. Whitesides in his groundbreaking TED Talk on simplicity versus emergence theory. In this context, epimemetics itself emerged as a meta-theory that predicts the existence of a human culture that has evolved to a higher order of lateral thinking capacity. Additional benefits could be increased emotional intelligence, global increases in cultural creativity and biological coherency. Epimemetic theory suggests that such coherent signs could occur as the fourth replicator emerges out of the third. The timing and extent of this [cultural] emergence is undefined as it may be largely dependent upon the outcome of mankinds relationship with artificial intelligence, augmented reality and/or technology as prosthesis.

Epimemetics: A Proposed Synthesis of Evolutionary Darwinism, Neuroeconomics, Neurotheology, Behavioral Anthropology and Memetics 

Why Has The Epimemetics Project Been Sidelined?

Russell Wright took many of his Epimemetics ideas to their cerebral conclusion. The response to the project was met with varying degrees of understanding (and interest) within his technology culture from 2012 to 2016. It is is possible that the ideas are simply ahead of their time or too abstract to be of deep interest. Or they were simply underworked and lacked the rigor required for widespread culture inception. It is also possible that the ideas were simply bad, or even wrong. In either case the relinquishment of this project came as a joy, not as a sacrifice. It was fun. 

Catalyst for Abandoning the Epimemetics project

After reading the complete Futurica Trilogy, Russell was intellectually exhausted by the implications of his own work as well as the complexity memetic-Darwinism - past, present and future.

You may learn more about Russell's intellectual exhaustion caused by the Futurica Trilogy at The Future of The Future.

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